The Best Me…and Our Forgotten Parts

Being the Best Me doesn’t imply perfection. I like the word authentic!

It’s getting to know our true self, our soul, and loving that true self. Most don’t think of ourselves as best, so why try to attain the best me?

We’ve been told we are broken, a mess, never enough. At least, this is the voice that we’ve listened to. But what if we stop the madness of listening to our false self, our egoic self, that spouts all that negative, and lean into our lovely selves, our souls, that whispers,

“you can do it!”,

“I believe in you!”,

“you’re amazing!”

If these phrases are not resonating with you, ask yourself if there might be some healing that needs to happen on the inside of you. Past traumas? Horrible childhood? I get it, I’ve lived it, I’ve worked on it! Being the Best Me isn’t an overnight magical event.

It’s a journey.

Think of it as a hike. You start at the beginning of the trail, and you walk. You walk up hills, over rocks, over tree branches sticking up from the ground, and just when you think you can’t go on, you sit. You rest. You breathe. You take a drink from your water bottle, you’re refreshed, you’re ready to move on. This is the journey.

Being aware of our triggers, getting to the roots of those triggers, looking at all the forgotten parts of us that have needed attention for a very long time…this is the journey.

Loving yourself, breathing, being still, and relaxing your body, mind, and soul…

this is the road to the best you.

It’s simple.

It’s baby steps.

It’s having compassion for yourself.

It’s coming to the place of loving yourself, your whole self, warts and all.

Some days may not feel like the best. Some may feel just, eh! Thanks okay. No judgment. Just breathe again. There’s a new day tomorrow. The sunrise always tells me so!