Being….Rediscover Its Remarkable Value

BEING is living in the Now, the present moment, not the past or the future. 

This moment.

Being, in our minds.

Being, in our bodies.

Being, in our souls.

Being present, having an awareness of what’s going on in our minds, bodies, and souls…

Being still.

Relaxed…but still.

At peace.

Breathe in…then out.

Allowing all thoughts, to pass on by…

Like placing them on a boat in a river and letting them float away.

Repeat when necessary.

To be aware of our bodies, to relax the tension, lean into the pain (I know, this sounds counterintuitive), from the top of the head, relaxing all the way down to the feet. Listening, to what the deepest part of us, our soul, wants to say.

Give yourself permission to feel what you’re feeling and not have to “do” anything.

This is Being.